The White Ladies


60049 rumbles through Prudhoe on the Tyne Valley with 6M46 1109 Redcar-Hardendale conveying the iconic “white ladies” on 8th September 2007.

Nicknamed because of their distinctive appearance, this rake of CBA wagons ran between the loading point at Hardendale (Shapfell Works) and Redcar (for Lackenby steelworks) conveying lime – the lime dust coating the wagons.

This train was a regular runner throughout the up until 2009, finally ceasing with the closure of Lackenby steelworks for the first time in 2009. The wagons were placed into storage in the wagon graveyard in Tees Yard and disposal came in 2015/6 at TJ Thompson, Stockton.

The revival of steelmaking on Teesside under Thai-owned SSI in 2012 saw a return of the Hardendale-Lackenby train, initially under Freightliner and then GB Railfreight but using a short rake of polybulk wagons. With the closure of the Lackenby plant in 2015 these wagons were placed into storage and then scrapped in early 2017 at CF Booth, Rotherham.


Nene Valley Gala 2015

Nene Valley Railway held their annual diesel gala over the weekend of the 11th and 12th April 2015. Reduced from a twice yearly event to yearly due to financial issues, a number of visiting locos were rostered. Particularly appealing were a Class 56 from UKRL and a Class 60 from DB Schenker (as was 37190 before it was pulled from the lineup). DBS locos are making something of a comeback on the gala circuit…


50008 shares shed spare with 31271, 31601 and 60001 at Wansford.


56104 came from the UK Rail Leasing stable at Leicester. Seen here leaving Peterborough station for Wansford.


60001 also leaving Peterborough for Wansford.


50015 came from the East Lancs Railway seen arriving at Orton Mere, plough end leading.

Reginald Munns

First photo of 2015 and the honour falls to 60092 departing from Crewe with a railtour heading for Chester, via Crewe IEMD. On a dull day like this, the bright red loco and mixed bag of stock does a bit to add some interest as it weaves through the mass of clutter at Crewe North Junction.

60092 was christened ‘Reginald Munns’ on delivery from Brush Traction, Loughborough in 1992 and was one of the few names which were not associated with mountains, reformers, scientists and traditional inventors. Reginald Munns along with Jack Stirk (60093) were co-inventors of the Merry Go Round concept which revolutionised the delivery of coal to UK power stations by rail.

I couldn’t quite decide which picture I liked the most, so I’ve put them both on here!




Colas Tug

60021, the second to be released from the Colas overhaul program, had its first main line test run in September 2014 working from Toton to Ratcliffe Power Station and then back to Liverpool via Warrington on 6F58 Ratcliffe-Liverpool Bulk Terminal.

The former Star of the East, with no bodyside branding, seen here passing Stoke on Trent station.



Done by the sun! (60063)

After spending hours trying to find the spot and being in sunshine for the entire time, when the train actually appeared the sun did a vanishing act. Running with a rake of Freightliner wagons (reportedly whilst the booked rake undergoes maintenance) 60063 passes Brierlow Bar with 6H23 1519 Briggs Sidings (Hindlow)-Tunstead (about 15 early).

Have tried to rescue the pic as best I can, but at least the spot is known now for another try.




Super Sixty (ish)


In the dying light of the evening, 60011 accelerates out of Platform 1 at Crewe with 6F58 Ratcliffe-Liverpool Bulk Terminal, the former Cader Idris being reinstated from store at Toton the very same day. This loco is notable as carrying the red DB Schenker livery as worn by the overhauled members of the class, but it hasn’t actually been fully overhauled. It has had one part of the overhaul by way of a trial – the electrical modifications – but the power unit hasn’t been touched. 18/04/2014

Old girl


Not long to go now for this one. With the full fleet of overhauled 60s in traffic, 60049 is due to be stood down shortly. Seen here in Bescot Yard drying off after a spot of precipitation.

Super Tugs


60091 and 60059 stand at Immingham depot. 60091 later went on to work the UK Railtours Cleethorpes – Finsbury Park railtour from Cleethorpes to Doncaster royal mail terminal.


Around late 2007-early 2008, Immingham depot closed to all major repairs other than running repairs and small exams. The depot was used to house the various stored locos from around the site, eventually all being sold off to scrappies. The final locos in the shed were the three stored 60s which had been out of traffic for the longest – 60070 and 60064 in the fuelling shed and 60098 in the main shed. At the time of the visit, 60074 – which had just been repainted – was also receiving repairs giving the sight of the longest stored one and the shiniest one together.





All photos taken with permission, Immingham is still a working location, unauthorised visits are not permitted.

Marcheys House

This rural backwater on the Blyth & Tyne route used to be a busy place. No longer, and since these photos were taken, it has got even quieter. Both trains pictured have ceased running as Alcan have stopped Aluminium production at the Lynemouth smelter.


60044 passes with 6V49 Lynemouth to Newport ADJ block train. At the time, a 60 on this traffic was far from common with a 66 being more commonly rostered. Shortly after this was taken, the block train to Newport was altered to run to Tees Yard and then onto Newport after that.


66103 passes with the Lynemouth-North Blyth empty alumina tanks for reloading. A number of trips used to run between the two conveying alumina for smelting at the works. DB Schenker lost the work to GB Railfreight a couple of years after this photo and then shortly after Alcan announced they were shutting the Lynemouth plant. This resulted in the end of the local trip workings, the only train remaining being the daily North Blyth-Fort William block train.