Anglian Adventure


37423 hasn’t been a regular performer in Anglia in the same way as 37405, 37419 and 37425 have been over the last couple of years. Seen here leaving Lingwood with 2P17 1117 Great Yarmouth-Norwich. Of note is the DBSO in the consist – this has been used as a brake vehicle in the set for a number of months. 16/11/17


56301 stands at Foxton with 6M07 Barrington-Wembley. The loaded inward working conveys spoil for disposal at the closed cement works with the wagons returning empty to London. Previously operated by DCR, the trains this week were run by ROG, utilising 56301 which is owned by the Class 56 Group. Rumours are that this flow will be going over to one of the larger FOC’s shortly. 16/11/17


The driver of 37716 shuts off for Brundall Gardens station as 2P12 0836 Norwich-Yarmouth passes the village of Postwick. Of the four ex-Spanish heavyweight Class 37s acquired by DRS, this is the only one that has made it back into mainline service. Three are on loan to preserved railways and one has been scrapped for spares. 17/11/17


37423 again, slowing for Lingwood, passing the public foot crossing, with 2P17 1117 Great Yarmouth-Norwich. 17/11/17


Forgotten Four Oscar Nine Zero

Fastline Freight (an arm of Jarvis) provided a regular Class 56 hauled train through the West Midlands during 2006 and 2007 with a Birch Coppice to Grain container train. After a shaky start with numerous empty trains, loadings started to pick up until the train was regularly running with a full load. 56301, 56302 and 303 were employed, although the latter two performed more regularly.

Other flows from Doncaster and then Trafford Park to Grain did start running, although these were less of a success and ended up running empty regularly. With Jarvis entering administration in 2010, the whole operation ended and the locomotives being sold to preservationists and then – in the case of 56302 and 56303 – back to main line operators.

Two views below of 56303 passing Aston (top) and approaching Bescot (bottom) in the spring of 2007.



Nene Valley Gala 2015

Nene Valley Railway held their annual diesel gala over the weekend of the 11th and 12th April 2015. Reduced from a twice yearly event to yearly due to financial issues, a number of visiting locos were rostered. Particularly appealing were a Class 56 from UKRL and a Class 60 from DB Schenker (as was 37190 before it was pulled from the lineup). DBS locos are making something of a comeback on the gala circuit…


50008 shares shed spare with 31271, 31601 and 60001 at Wansford.


56104 came from the UK Rail Leasing stable at Leicester. Seen here leaving Peterborough station for Wansford.


60001 also leaving Peterborough for Wansford.


50015 came from the East Lancs Railway seen arriving at Orton Mere, plough end leading.

Nene Valley Gala 2013


20314 and 20311 from the GBRf stable but carrying HNRC orange pass the crossing at Longueville Junction with a Wansford-Peterborough service.


Unfortunately the sun has dipped for the passage of 56301 from the Class 56 Group (via DCR) as it leaves Peterborough NVR with a Wansford bound train.


56301 and 56104 (also visiting courtesy of DCR) back onto the stock for the evening beerex at Wansford station.


Weekend work done, 20314 leads 20311 through the lineside clutter associated with the resignalling and building of Platform 6/7 at Peterborough station, back to the GB shed in Peterborough yard.