60049 rumbles through Prudhoe on the Tyne Valley with 6M46 1109 Redcar-Hardendale conveying the iconic “white ladies” on 8th September 2007.

Nicknamed because of their distinctive appearance, this rake of CBA wagons ran between the loading point at Hardendale (Shapfell Works) and Redcar (for Lackenby steelworks) conveying lime – the lime dust coating the wagons.

This train was a regular runner throughout the up until 2009, finally ceasing with the closure of Lackenby steelworks for the first time in 2009. The wagons were placed into storage in the wagon graveyard in Tees Yard and disposal came in 2015/6 at TJ Thompson, Stockton.

The revival of steelmaking on Teesside under Thai-owned SSI in 2012 saw a return of the Hardendale-Lackenby train, initially under Freightliner and then GB Railfreight but using a short rake of polybulk wagons. With the closure of the Lackenby plant in 2015 these wagons were placed into storage and then scrapped in early 2017 at CF Booth, Rotherham.