The Anglian short set(s) were again booked to be out in the period between Christmas and New Year 2016 and combined with decent weather forecast it seemed rude not to take the opportunity to take advantage.


First off, 37405 leads 2J67 0747 Lowestoft-Norwich through Brundall just as the sun makes it over the top of the trees. 27/12


37424 had arrived from Derby a few weeks previously. It looks shiny but doesn’t work properly – not bad for a c£500k job! 27/12/16


37424 again leaves Lingwood with a Yarmouth bound train; not technically brilliant but serves to highlight the ‘quality job’ done on the overhaul (well at least the paintwork is shiny). 27/12/16


68025 at Brundall. 27/12/16


37424 at Brundall with 2P18 1036 Norwich-Great Yarmouth. 27/12/16


Just as the sea mist starts to roll in, 37405 stands at Lowestoft prior to departure of 2J91 1955 departure to Norwich. 27/12/16


Another beautiful morning as 37422 brings in the morning Lowestoft-Norwich service through Brundall. 29/12/16


The sun is edging higher and higher in the sky, but not enough to clear the heavy overnight frost away as 37405 approaches the foot crossing at Lingwood with 2P12 0836 Norwich-Great Yarmouth. 29/12/16


68025 on the rear of the set headed by 68005 as it slows for the Lingwood stop with 2P11 Yarmouth-Norwich. 29/12/16


The heavy frost is still visible as 68025 arrives into Cantley with 2J70 Norwich-Lowestoft. 29/12/16


37422 arriving into Lingwood with 2P18 Yarmouth-Norwich. 29/12/16