Off to the East again in search of 87’s…

First day in Varna; the morning Ruse was, naturally, headed by some 40junk with 87003 inside so was duly ignored. That left 87004 and a rake of cargowaggons on site. These disappeared early afternoon.


44126 clatters into Beloslav with a late morning train for Varna. 23/05/16

Something we’ve seen previously but only once with an 87 on the front; the evening Bulmarket path seems to run every day, producing an EA on the first day (naturally in full sun) then when an 87 produces the weather is bilge. Nevertheless, a welcome sight as 87025 runs in with a short rake of tanks from the Ruse line before running round and heading towards Karnobat. The whole run round procedure was completed in a matter of minutes – as usual (for BG) it would put the UK to shame!



Next day and there was nothing at Raz other than 87004 and a rake of cereal wagons (parked separately) and no sign of any movement. On speaking to the staff, 004 wasn’t due off until the afternoon (we guessed the same path as yesterday). Further research indicated it was a public holiday so putting 2+2 together guessed there would be no Ruse train today. To the beach (naturally after a shot of 004 in the early morning sun).


Returning early afternoon, 87004 was now hooked up to the wagons so looking good for a departure. Britannia seen here looking workstained and faded before departure with the famous cereal train for Nova Zagora. Compare it to THIS PHOTO shortly after arrival in Bulgaria in 2010.


A couple of days later, 92025 and 92030 stabled at Pirdop awaiting departure for Burgas. As the line between Koprivishtitsa and Iganovo was shut, the train was travelling the long way round via Plovdiv (R/R). Note 92030 (having lost its Ashford nameplates when it left the UK) has now gained stick on letters in the old style since it arrived in BG! 26/05/16


44001 nips through light engine, heading round to the depot, after bringing in an arrival in from the Plovdiv direction. It would later go out on a departure for Burgas, although the trains were terminating short at Koprivshtitsa for an autobus forward. 28/05/16


45173 arrives into Sofia with train BV20202, the 0500 departure from Ruse. To the left of the loco is a Class 41 loco which has been permanently wired to the overheads to act as a shore supply. 28/05/16


They aren’t all as pristine as that however! Veteran 43309, bearing many battle scars, arrives into Sofia with a train from Dupnitsa. 28/05/16


Class 61 electric locos are still out working with four of them observed on passenger trains. 61012 arrives at Sofia from Blagoevgrad. 28/05/16


44001 passes 87012 at Pirdop, the bent skoda (known locally as ‘banana’ on account of its livery, arrives with a train from Koprivshtitsa while the passengers came from Burgas via bus!


Having passed through on a train from Sofia earlier in the day, we decided to return to see whether there had been any movement.  87007 was still in the same position but staff were in attendance so we stayed around to see what happened. 28/05/16


87019 ran in light, we presume from Poduyane as it was observed there earlier in the day, and was attached to the front of 87026 to form the evening departure for Dimitrovgrad (and on to Serbia). 28/05/16



87007 leaving with a short rake of tanks up the Mezdra line. 28/05/16


43510 and 44068 arrive into Iskar with a train from Plovdiv (and probably Turkey via Dimitrovgrad). 28/05/16


After last nights activities with 87s, I decided to back to the new favourite spot. On arrival 87019, 87026 and 87012 were parked up.


87026 and 87012 were put on the sharp end of a train of boxes while 87019 was run around to the rear, just visible in the photo below. 29/05/16


After some mass shunting (and avoiding the clouds floating about), 87026 and 87012 depart with a lengthy train for Dimitrovgrad (Serbia). 87019 was on the rear. 29/05/16