The Anglian short set was in use in the short week between Christmas and New Year and featured 37422 and 37425. 37422 was living up to its reputation and doing virtually none of the work, leaving 37425 to push or pull it around. Photos taken over a few days.


37422 at Norwich before departure for Great Yarmouth. 29/12/15


37422 departs from Brundall. The former Robert F Fairlie still hasn’t received its PaintShopPro branding due to the poor standard of the bodywork repairs/prep/repaint during its stay at Glasgow Works. The bottom of the cabsides are bubbling already and there are numerous paint blisters all over. It does look good in all over blue however – long may it evade the vinyls! 29/12/15


37425 at Norwich prior to working the 1736 to Great Yarmouth. 30/12/15


37422 tails the return of the first Great Yarmouth trip at Lingwood. Had I not been stuck in traffic, I would have made the outward working. Never mind…


The one worth waiting for! 37425 leads the second Great Yarmouth to Norwich arriving at Lingwood. 31/12/15