Two days around East Anglia chasing the short set with varying degrees of success. On both days the cloud brought an end to play around 1200, on the first day the middle Lowestoft runs were substituted with a unit and on the second day the Lowestoft and first Great Yarmouth were substituted with 156418.


The first day saw an early morning drive to Buckenham to catch the ECS heading to Lowestoft. 170205 heading to Lowestoft with 2J64, the 0645 from Norwich, was used as a test shot and came out looking relatively decent. It can only be a matter of time before they succumb to the white paintbrush so capturing an example in the ‘one’ blue can’t be a bad thing to do. (03/08/15)


Running bang on time and looking superb in the early morning sunshine is 37425 leading 5J67 0640 Norwich Crown Point-Lowestoft past the foot crossing at Buckenham. 37425 had just come back from tyre turning at Derby Etches Park which seemingly involved a clean of the front end. (03/08/15)


Next up is 37425 lifting 2P12 0836 Norwich-Great Yarmouth up the gradient at St Michaels Way foot crossing away from Brundall station – the home signal to the left of the train protects the junction where the line to Yarmouth via Acle leaves the Lowestoft line. The junction onto the single line is 25mph and both locos were working hard at this point to overcome the gradient and the curve of the line and get the train up to linespeed. (03/08/15)


Unfortunately incoming cloud put paid to any more photography for the day and the two middle Lowestoft trips were a unit, so one last shot of 37419 at Great Yarmouth waiting departure time with 2P33 1817 to Norwich. (03/08/15)


The next day saw a more favourable forecast, however a failed tamper on the Sheringham line put paid to the first two trips of the day as 37425 was used to rescue it! The set reappeared for 2P18 1036 Norwich-Great Yarmouth seen here approaching Whitlingham Junction before slowing for the stop at Brundall Gardens. (04/08/15)