Pathfinder ran another series of railtours on the 6th and 7th March, starting with a trip to Ironbridge, then a second tour running overnight visiting such exotic places as Bradford Interchange and Forster Square, Ilkley, Glossop and Hadfield and finally a third tour on the Saturday visiting Ormskirk, Preston Docks, Seaforth Docks and some random branch near Wigan. It was supposed to go to Liverpool Lime Street but the DRS traincrew decided otherwise after not noticing they had been wrong routed.

A small selection of pictures – not the standard 3/4 views as they will be available elsewhere on Flikr no doubt – but something to highlight the locations.


Not sure where this is…
Bradford Interchange isn’t exactly unheard of for loco hauled trains (the Tour de France last year saw 47s and 67s visit) but it is rare for Class 37s.


The first charter into Ilkley since 1980blip apparently!


Oh go on then, couldn’t resist a 3/4 view. Platform 1 at Leeds certainly isn’t unfamiliar to Class 37s, the Arriva Settle and Carlisle job used to leave from here…not with 37419 though.