First photo of 2015 and the honour falls to 60092 departing from Crewe with a railtour heading for Chester, via Crewe IEMD. On a dull day like this, the bright red loco and mixed bag of stock does a bit to add some interest as it weaves through the mass of clutter at Crewe North Junction.

60092 was christened ‘Reginald Munns’ on delivery from Brush Traction, Loughborough in 1992 and was one of the few names which were not associated with mountains, reformers, scientists and traditional inventors. Reginald Munns along with Jack Stirk (60093) were co-inventors of the Merry Go Round concept which revolutionised the delivery of coal to UK power stations by rail.

I couldn’t quite decide which picture I liked the most, so I’ve put them both on here!