There was a Class 37 running day at the Wensleydale Railway on Sat 20th September which saw resident 37250 come out of hibernation plus the added attraction of 37682 from DRS. This is one which hasn’t done a great deal recently and hasn’t worked a passenger train since April 2012 at the Mid Norfolk Railway and before that on the main line since 2009. Furthermore, if rumours are to be believed then it isn’t long for this world…


37682 is one of the last two remaining ‘original’ looking 37s (37194 being the other) on their books (i.e without the stupid WIPAC clusters or the DRS multi sockets) and looks quite good being as its not pristine like all the rest of the fleet – it looks as if it’s actually done some work. Although, stood next to 37250 which is part way through bodywork attention it looks pristine!


This is what 37682 looked like last time I took a photo of it over 10 years ago; sat at Peterborough on 19th July 2003. Stored finally in December 2004, it made its way to DRS via Harry Needle and a bit of panel beating on the nose!