Fort William in errm Liverpool

The RTC season of steam tours based around Crewe kicked off on the last week in July and saw 37518 (along with 57316 and 47245 after the 47 failed) being used as the engines for the diesel portion.

It followed the same pattern as last year with Saturday being a Carlisle tour and Sunday going down the North Wales Coast. This year however, the diesel locos did the Crewe-Liverpool-Crewe legs.


37518 at Crewe after arriving back from Liverpool on the Saturday morning. 26/05/14


Now onto Liverpool awaiting departure back to Crewe on Saturday evening. This ran as a service train after it was comandeered by London Midland to transport large numbers of people who had been in Liverpool to watch the ‘Giants’ festival. 26/05/14


Finally, waiting departure for Crewe on the Sunday morning after being brought in by 47245. 27/07/14


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