Crewe Heritage Centre held a night photography session in late April coinciding with 57307 and 90034 being on site for an event weekend they were running.

As I was there anyway, it seemed a good idea to take some pictures and have a bit of a play around.

Instead of using conventional lights with bulbs, they used LED lights which allowed the colours to be changed and played around with for a few unconventional effects.




57307 and 87035. The LED spotlights gave a much more precise area of lighting and allowed effects like this to be created.


90034 stands over the pit with a conventional floodlight placed in the pit itself highlighting not only the front of the loco but also certain raised elements of the trackwork.


Another one of 90034 with the floodlight placed almost underneath it, highlighting just the front end and the underneath.

As per the title, not your conventional night shoot, but aren’t conventionally lit 3/4 views so boring these days…?