HNRC conducted a trial, for customer GBRf, of a Class 20 and 47 in multiple. 20’s use the Blue Star system and 47’s use Green Circle and while Blue Star is quite common (fitted to 20s, 31s, 33s, 37s and 73s) it isn’t compatible with Green Circle. With a few modifications and tweaks, the two were made to talk to each other.

This modification is so notable because the two together provide the same power as a Class 66 and therefore a solution to the acute traction shortage that GBRf are currently suffering from.

20118 and 47843 were the two locos chosen for the trial and are seen (below) at Rugeley at the head of 6K50 Toton-Crewe and (bottom) in Crewe Basford Hall Yard (with permission). Not ideal weather for either, but in view of the working, better than nothing!!



Note Basford Hall is a working location and unauthorised access is not permitted.