The BLS ran a special train – billed as the last chance – into Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and the former London Road terminus. The museum’s main line connection from the Salford Crescent-Manchester Piccadilly is due to be severed as part of the Ordsall Chord project to enable trains from Piccadilly to reach Victoria without a reversal.

The tour wasn’t without a farce though as a couple of days before, NR decided it couldn’t go into the site due to a track defect. It was rerouted and in hope that the lost bookings could be recovered, they arranged for a 37 to be on one end of the train. In the end it did go in to MOSI.



Thanks to a special request, the 37 led both ways for the majority of the tour, with the duff only doing the short Morecambe-Carnforth leg. Above, seen shunting at MOSI.