Bulgaria 2013 and a selection of British locomotives enjoying the sunshine. 87026_Burgas 87026 stands in the yard at Burgas with a trainload of vans waiting for a late evening departure for Pirdop. 87006_Burgas 87006 and 87007 (with some Romanian Class 40 junk) stand in the sidings adjacent to Burgas after working in overnight on trains from Pirdop. 87017_Ruse 87017 ‘Iron Duke’ – only just recently arrived in Bulgaria – prepares for departure from Ruse with a departure for Varna Spirka. 87023 ‘Velocity’ was tail loco. 92027_Burgas 92027 stands in the yard at Burgas. In essentially British condition, the only visible differences are the addition of wing mirrors, removal of the ETS jumpers and the DB stickers. 92034_025_Burgas 92034 was the first Class 92 exported to Bulgaria and spent a number of weeks on test around the Burgas area. They are predominantly used on the Burgas-Pirdop circuit taking imported raw product to the copper works.