Just a few shots from 2012 in Bulgaria – featuring mainly 87026 and 87033. This was the first trip we made and we had absolutely no gen on what the 87s worked.


Spent a couple of days in the Plovdiv area before heading to Varna. 07126 was working an (apparently rare) diesel turn up to Dimitrovgrad and is seen there before working BV1672 1635 Dimitrovgrad-Sofia which it worked to Plovdiv for an electric loco forward to the capital.


Over to the Varna area now and we just happened to be in the right place at the right time for this one. 87026 leads 87033 through Sindel heading what we later found out to be the daily trip working to Ruse. 25/09/2012


Having seen the Ruse train yesterday we had a go at getting to Razdelna early on to watch the train being formed up. Yesterday’s locos have evidently made their way back via a return working and are on the front of the train which is formed of a rake of box wagons. 26/09/2012


As the sun rises, 87026 sits silently with just the tick of the spirex valves expelling moisture from the air system and the occasional whirr of the compressors to keep the air pressure up. 26/09/2012


Unfortunately the sun didn’t stick around for the departure; 87026 and 87033 notch up through Sindel heading for Ruse, 87012 was on the tail end of the long rake of boxes (below). 26/09/2012



One day later and the morning pilgrimage to Razdelna saw 87012 stabled in the main yard (having arrived back from Ruse) before being moved over to the ‘messroom’ for an exam.


The morning Ruse had some 40 junk on the front and 87033 on the rear so was ignored at Sindel. 27/09/2012.