Bulgaria 2011

The second PTG tour featuring a Class 87 ran in October 2011. A couple of photos from Pirdop and then a few from the tour making its way from Varna to Sofia via Stara Zagora and Plovdiv.


87007, 87012 and 87003 at Pirdop 05/10/11


87033 and 87026 at Pirdop 05/10/11


Not technically brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, but a record shot as to our knowledge it’s the only one that’s been in! 87006 stands at Varna with BV8694 0725 Varna-Sofia via Karnobat, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv and Septemvri. 06/10/11.


87006 at Stara Zagora – 07/10/11


87006 Chirpan – 07/10/11


The crew take a breather at Septemvri on the final leg back from Plovdiv to Sofia – 07/10/11


87006 Septemvri – 07/10/11


87006 at Sofia Central after arrival of the tour. 07/10/11


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