During early April 2007, there was a requirement for Class 37s at Bescot for engineering trains over the Cambrian line. EWS provided 37406 and 37422 and when not engaged on Welsh forays, they were used on trip workings around the West Midlands. One such working was a route learner that was running regularly and it just so happened that 37406 was used one day. Seen below at New Street – I may or may not have skipped a lecture for this.


Once back at Bescot, it was then used to work that evenings engineering train, seen here accelerating through Bescot Stadium having come out of the engineers sidings. 04/04/07


Later in the month, a rather faded 37422 was captured storming through Coseley with the evening Wolverhampton-Bescot steel empties. 30/04/17.