This rural backwater on the Blyth & Tyne route used to be a busy place. No longer, and since these photos were taken, it has got even quieter. Both trains pictured have ceased running as Alcan have stopped Aluminium production at the Lynemouth smelter.


60044 passes with 6V49 Lynemouth to Newport ADJ block train. At the time, a 60 on this traffic was far from common with a 66 being more commonly rostered. Shortly after this was taken, the block train to Newport was altered to run to Tees Yard and then onto Newport after that.


66103 passes with the Lynemouth-North Blyth empty alumina tanks for reloading. A number of trips used to run between the two conveying alumina for smelting at the works. DB Schenker lost the work to GB Railfreight a couple of years after this photo and then shortly after Alcan announced they were shutting the Lynemouth plant. This resulted in the end of the local trip workings, the only train remaining being the daily North Blyth-Fort William block train.