Rhymney and beyond!

Didn’t have a particuarly decent camera up until about late 2005 and can’t be bothered scanning and uploading all the prints I’ve got. So, all the Rhymney (and after) stuff is being lumped together in this collection. More will be added but I’m working from most recent to more historical so the beginning will get further back…


37425 Llanishen 2004


37425 Queen St 2005


37411 Queen St 2005


37405 Central 2005


37405 Pontlottyn 23/07/2005


37408 Aber 2005 23/07/2005


37425 Aber 2005


37425 Rhymney 2005


37419 Rhymney 2005 – just after reinstatement to cover for a biffed 37408


37405 Bargoed 2005


37419 Caerphilly 2005


37405 Queen Street 2005


37411 Pontlottyn 2005


37405 Gilfach Fargoed 2005

In the final week before the end, for some reason an afternoon Cardiff-Gloucester and return became loco hauled using top and tailed locos on the through wired Arriva liveried set (which had originally come from the S+C jobs) using 37419 and 37425.



After doing the Gloucester, they went onto Canton and then took the evenings trains up to Rhymney.



37425 stands at Rhymney the day before the final gala day. As it was, the weekend after was the proper finale with 37419 bringing down the curtain (I think there was engineering work on the Valleys that Sunday which prevented the gala day running a week later).


After the Cardiff-Rhymney workings finished (and that really was supposed to be IT), it became clear that ATW couldn’t cope without the additional capacity and the locos were deployed onto other workings away from the Valley Lines. Hence the Holyhead boat train became hauled for a couple of weeks.


37419 seen in Cardiff Platform 1 on arrival from Holyhead (15/12/05). The set wasn’t top and tailed and went to Pengam to run round before heading back to Cardiff.

37406_Gloucester 37410_Gloucester

Locos and stock were still hired in on rugby days and although not running up to Rhymney, there were a number of occasions where they ran shuttles between Gloucester and Cardiff. 25/11/06 saw 37410 and 37406 employed on such duties, running top and tailed with the through wired former S+C Mk2 set. Top: 37406 (obviously!) at Gloucester and Bottom: 37410 also at Gloucester.


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